Throughout the years since it was first introduced in 1922, Yıldızlı Blok has become Turkish consumers' #1 choice in desk calendars. Its reliable content, high quality workmanship and material is achieved through application of stringent quality control processes from design to delivery. Designed with office and personal use in mind, its ideal mix of information content offers a trustworthy reference to users.
Pentel, one of Japan's and world's leading manufacturers, has been offering highest quality and innovative products since 1946. The company who also invented automatic pencils, has inspired the development of two thirds of writing instruments that we use today. Pentel is the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming Award for recognition of the highest standard of quality. Pentel is also one of the earliest acquirers of ISO 9001 certification in the industry.
Established in 1918 and renowned for its quality and innovation, Spain based MILAN is the world's leading manufacturer of erasers with over 80 different model offerings. MILAN sells more than 5.000 different products for use in schools, offices and by artists reaching more than 85 countries. Widely used by children around the world, MILAN's products are non-toxic and conform to applicable regulations in both Europe (CE) and the United States (ACMI).
Since 1918, Waldmann has been manufacturing high class writing instruments made from Solid Sterling Silver 925/ooo, in an amazing variety of designs and models. The company is based in Pforzheim, the traditional center of Germany's jewelry industry. Waldmann still manufactures its writing instruments 100% in its Germany facilities, thus its products rightly bear the designation 'Made in Germany'.